1000 more a week is all we ask.  No, not almonds, teenagers!

Youth for Christ Central Valley is excited to be reaching over 1000 teenagers a week. We believe our staff, volunteers, and strategy (not to mention our partners, just like you) are exceptional and as the Holy Spirit moves we will see those 1000 teens come to know the Savior.

There’s only one problem, as I see it, with that plan.  86,984 11-19 year olds in our chapter area. At 1000 teenagers a week, well, I don’t know what that math would mean, but it’s just going to take too long.

IMPACT THR33, is our dream to taking a giant step towards getting there.  If successful we would grow from reaching 1000 a week to 2000. 

But we need your partnership to do it!

For $20/month ($240 a year) we can reach 3 more teenagers on a weekly basis.  3 teens that can be mentored, counseled, encouraged, helped, loved on. 3 more teens that on a weekly basis will begin to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

For some, $20/month may mean giving up a movie or a day’s worth of Starbucks.  For others more sacrifice may be involved. I don’t know. But I do know that for your investment, 3 kids are going to hear the Gospel (and not just one time).  I do know that the potential for 3 teens to come to know Christ is substantial.  I do know that without your help, your partnership, we can’t take this next critical step.